We have announced the launch of the NANO D range of YAG and fiber industrial marking lasers. These innovative, small and compact, affordable lasers may be used by industrial manufacturers to mark and engrave their products and work effectively with a range of plastic and metal substrates.

We have been developing lasers for over 20 years and the NANO D lasers have been developed with this experience and in close partnership with Macsa’s component suppliers who are themselves leaders in their industries. This has enabled the development of products which are smaller and more affordable than equivalent lasers from other suppliers. A NANO laser is not only an affordable alternative to other lasers but it is also cost competitive with traditional marking technologies.

NANO lasers are easy install and integrate with other production line systems. Because they are small and compact they can easily be fitted even when space is limited. And they are equipped with software and hardware interfaces to enable them to communicate with other equipment and control systems in the factory. Furthermore all NANO lasers are equipped with an on-board computer and touch screen interface which means that it is not necessary to use an external PC.

NANO lasers are easy to use; they use Marca message creation and laser control software. This enables them to code variable information precisely and consistently: time after time. Printing such variable information with such precision is not possible with traditional technologies. NANO lasers may be integrated with iLASERBOX workstations. Such lasers are fully-automated plug and play class I laser marking systems.


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