We have announced the launch of the iLABEL laser print and apply labelling system. This system is used to print and apply labels without the need for thermal transfer printing. Laser sensitive label stock is used which responds quickly to the laser to deliver a precisely positioned, high contrast black on white code. An iLASER system is an excellent, cost-effective and high quality alternative to the thermal transfer print and apply systems in general use today. 

The iLABEL system has been developed by Macsa in partnership with specialist label companies to respond to the need of its customers to reduce labelling costs and the amount of plastic waste which they produce. It delivers consistent high quality labels without interruption even in harsh and dusty environments. 
Furthermore iLABEL systems need little maintenance. The absence of wear parts and the intrinsic reliability of laser systems reduce the need for regular downtime and minimise unscheduled interruptions. 

By contrast traditional label print and apply systems use thermal transfer printers. Such systems use thermal transfer ribbons which add to plastic waste. And their printheads need regular cleaning and must be replaced several times a year. The print quality of a thermal transfer printer deteriorates over time and can be adversely affected by a dusty environment. 

The laser unit in an iLABEL system is a Macsa K series CO2 laser. There is a powerful on-board computer which enables multiple label images to be stored within the laser system. Such labels can be selected directly from the laser controller without the need for a network or PC connection. Labels may furthermore be created and edited using Marca message creation and laser control software.


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