These lasers are equipped with high speed digital mini-galvos and a 3x beam expander to deliver exceptionally high power density. This enables them to be effective in cutting, scoring, slitting and perforating flexible plastic films and foils and other materials. 

Furthermore: because these lasers deliver a highly focussed beam they are ideal for marking high resolution images onto glass, wood, paper and board and a number of plastic substrates including PET and PE, and for coding difficult to code substrates such as HDPE.

This combination of cutting and coding capabilities makes HPD lasers especially appropriate for integration with form, fill and seal and similar equipment where there is a need to both cut plastic film and to apply lot code and other information to it.

We have been developing lasers for over 20 years and the HPD series have been developed with this experience and in close partnership with Macsa’s component suppliers who are themselves leaders in their industries. This has enabled the development of products which are best of class in terms of performance.

HPD lasers are easy install and integrate with other production line systems. They are equipped with software and hardware interfaces to enable them to communicate with other equipment and control systems in the factory. Furthermore all HPD lasers are equipped with an on-board computer which makes it unnecessary to use an external PC.

HPD Series are easy to use: they use Marca message creation and laser control software. This enables them to code variable information precisely onto the substrate and consistently: time after time. Printing such variable information with such precision is not possible with standard lasers from other suppliers.


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