Season 2012-2013

MACSA, a family-run company from Manresa, sponsors for the 11th time the local basketball team, Assignia Manresa.  Since 2001 Macsa has been sponsoring the team. The financial backing to the local team is “closely related to the sport value, the spirit of sacrifice, the effort, the  team work and the self-improvement”, according to Irene Bellido, Macsa’s marketing director. She adds “The sport world is the best example to instill and transmit internally to the staff and customers as well as externally to the market and future customers such important values to the society”.

Assignia Manresa is playing in the premier basketball league since 40 years. With its new campaign presented on Thursday October 25th they are willing to maintain season ticket-holders and gain new fans. The campaign slogan is “You will believe again in miracles” and it can be watched in the following link:

With this support, Macsa is reinforcing his compromise with the local sport, as the company already did when sponsoring the Catalan Tour in Manresa.

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