It is one of the categories for the Credit and Caution Internationalization Awards

- Jordi Piñot, CEO of Macsa ID, received this distinction last week which recognizes Macsa ID’s transformation on the international scale in 2012.
The Awards nominated 165 candidates from 85 businesses.

Manresa, June 25th, 2013.- On June 20th, Macsa ID, a Manresan-based, family-owned business specializing in laser coding, tracing and marking, received the SME of the Year Award which recognizes the international transformation of an SME in 2012. The Credit and Caution Internationalization Awards nominated 165 candidates from 83 businesses in five categories.

In the case of Macsa ID, the judges favorably valued the growth of the Manresan company, based on a clear commitment to R&D that has allowed it to continue to develop unique products in the market. According to Jordi Piñot, CEO of Macsa ID, “As we compare ourselves to the highest level, we assume that internationalization is a constant challenge for us. However, it also imposes goals and forces us to better ourselves. Receiving this award is very satisfying for us because Credit and Caution wanted to award the effort that it takes for us to improve and become more competitive on the global level,” he affirmed.

The “Credit and Caution Internationalization Awards” are an initiative of Credit and Caution and they have the cooperation of Expansion (Editorial Unit), IE Business School, and Iberinform. With them, they aim to recognize exemplary business attitudes and Spanish businesses with respect to their international activities. Placing value on successful and sustainable practices that contribute to the economic and social development of our country in a global context, they serve as a reference to the business makeup in the projection of our products and services beyond our borders.

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