Macsa has chosen the 29th edition of the Spanish Biennial trade show, which will take place in Bilbao from May 30 to June 4, 2016, to present their innovations in the field of industrial marking and coding.
The new devices are the result of the constant commitment of MACSA ID for innovation, and change the rules in the field of industrial marking and coding.

Macsa will also use this edition of the BIEHM 2016 to present the new manual and automatic iBOX, whose main improvement is the programmable Z axis. Furthermore, MACSA developers have improved the reliability and ease of use of this equipment, which will be sold at an even more affordable price.

Macsa ID will present, along with new equipment, some of its leading systems, among which are representing the laser range, the Icon 30W, the F-9020, the NANO F, D-5010 and K-1030 ; for the inkjet market, the LINX 8900, and regarding labelers, the IdBlocks 4030 and 4050. As refers to software, Macsa will show in Bilbao its global solution Integra.


Macsa Biemh 2016
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