The most important changes in the web are the focus on the customer as well as the content reorganization. The new web is more focused on the companies needs, thanks to ist easy and intuitive Access to the Macsa product range.

Macsa, a company located in Manresa specialized in laser coding, traceability and marking launches new web site: O Form November 29st on, all users accessing Macsa’s new website will find in there a new design as well as an easier and intuitive navigation. “Our aim was to improve the web’s content, image and functionality. The navigation is user-friendly thanks to new functionalities the company is betting on in order to users experiences is more than satisfactory” according to Irene Bellido.

The new Macsa’ logo is on the web’s head, offering a much cleaner design. Its contents are indeed more customer focused offering a rigorous and technical information so that user can see the Macsa lasers advantages. “The web page is focused on the customer so that he can easily find the products of his sector”, adds Irene Bellido. The customer focusing is also found in the web’s structure which is divided by sectors, so that the customer can find the products related to a particular sector or a market.

The new web site which for the moment is available in English (the company’s export market is nearly 60% of its turnover), has an easy menu where the markets & applications  sectors are listed: sector aeronautics and defense sector, automotive, beverage, construction, electronics, food, household care & chemicals, health, industry, jewelry, medical devices, personal carepackaging, pharmaceuticals, security & identification, textile and wood.

The large offer on success stories in the web is “a tool to position Macsa to establish partnerships with very important customers for us. At the same time, future customers can find solutions to their needs thanks to finding parallelism with other companies in the sector” states the marketing director.

News are also present in the website. The news section is in a more visible and dynamic space where the user can quickly find the information on the latest events (tradeshows, nominations, new products, etc). The new website is compatible with the newest technologies, allowing the user to access from the laptop, or from the mobile or iPad.

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