In the category Innovation

- The awards have valued MACSA’S investment in innovation as a business growth strategy.
The winners will be announced at a gala in April 2014.
These awards acknowledge and promote the excellence, best practices and innovation in 50 European countries. 

Manresa, July 30th 2013MACSA ID, a Manresa based, family business specializing in laser marking, coding, and traceability present in more than 70 countries is the National Champion of the European Business Awards 2012 ( in the category Innovation, as recognition of its business growth strategy. After this first stage, in which a National champion has been chosen in each of the 50 participating countries, MACSA ID is in the second stage of the competition. The final winners will be announced at a gala in April 2014.

The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM, Infosys, Millicom, BP Target Neutral and with UKTI’s collaboration, are independent awards that acknowledge and promote the excellence, best practices and innovation. The finalists provide success stories which are a way to let the company know to other companies.

For Jordi Piñot, MACSA’s ID CEO, “this award is very important for us because it acknowledges the innovation efforts of an extremely engaged team”. The innovation is essential in MACSA’s ID business development. “It is the most effective way to be competitive in a global market. We want to be at the highest level and the ongoing innovation is the key to achieve this”.

The innovation at MACSA ID

The innovation is a business Project to MACSA ID and its development is a scheduled process defining goals to achieve, tasks to be done, managers and the temporary carrying out program covering all stages from initial R&D, by way of Product Engineering, Production, Logistics, Marketing to the Distribution to the end user.

Innovation is a team working process and the transfer of responsibilities during the process encouraged by the supplier/customer concept. Each stage has to satisfy the requirements of next stage, known as “his customer”. This means a continuous exchange of opinions having complementing interests which gives realism to all the decisions made during the program. The technological innovation process at MACSA ID comes true with “Action Plans” for the whole the product range as well as for a specific product or technology.

The keys of MACSA’s ID innovation

The innovation process at MACSA ID creates business growth because:

- It knows the needs and marked trends.
- It has a strong collaboration with the technological suppliers who have a first-hand knowledge of the sector and market.
- It is a manufacturer specialized in the development and manufacturing of laser machines. The multinational competitors work on different product lines and this gives a free space to the specialists of each single line. 
- It stands out from the multinational competitors in the sector. In fact, it has several worldwide recognized patents. - It is strongly committed to leadership based on the quality of the commercial and technical offer. At MACSA ID the only way to progress in the development of laser technology is the ongoing investment in R&D. 
- It has technical professionals interested in the technological development, high-degree professionals with experience in their field as well as in the software development. The team and their contributions are fundamental in the projects’ development and viability. 
- It strives for the team work at all stages: MACSA ID has multidisciplinary teams in which the innovation management and the customer satisfaction to provide unique solutions are the key to achieve success.

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