- MACSA ID recently purchased SATO IBERIA, a label manufacturing company in Sabadell

Manresa, 20 March 2014.- MACSA ID, a family business based in Manresa that works in traceability, coding and laser marking, has taken over the Gerona-based company, Sinetik as part of its labelling business. In July 2013, MACSA ID's takeover of SATO IBERIA provided it with its own label production line. With the integration of Sinetik, MACSA ID has strengthened its labelling line with specific machinery that provides a multitude of tailored solutions.

The consolidation of MACSA ID's labelling line means that the company can now provide this service in the more than 70 countries where the Manresa-based company is present. Jordi Piñot, the MACSA ID CEO, believes that “Sinetik will provide solid experience in labelling machinery manufacturing and in awareness of the industry's needs. Now we can set up complete marking and labelling lines”.

Sinetik's experience

Sinetik started up in 1985 as a family company given over to making machinery for standard labelling. In 2012, it was positioned in the sector with its own brand, offering companies a wide range of labelling possibilities. Now Sinetik has started an engineering and industrial advisory project aimed at companies needing to introduce new tailored projects that do not just come from the labelling sector.

Sinetik's specialisation

Sinetik makes labelling machinery for different functions: specific labelling solutions (cards, batteries, packs with a guarantee seal, flat and round surfaces, tins and bottles with lungs); standard products (applicators with and without printing, print and apply, pallet labellers); labelling of special products (reels of industrial paper, micro labels, syringes); direct film printing (dpm, flexicode and dynacode) and desktop labellers (V-print, printing and band labelling).

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