The rehabilitation project in Tioribougo’s Maternity (Mali) is finished

- Macsa has collaborated in the rehabilitation project of a Maternity unit in Mali

- Macsa, together with other charity companies, has contributed to improve the life of more than 14.000 people in the region, being 2.824 younger than 6 years old

Macsa Solidaria, the charity part of this family-run business in Manresa, has collaborated in 2012 with the Global Play Foundation on the rehabilitation of the poor infrastructure of Tioribougou’s Maternity (Mali). This project has joined Macsa with other organizations sharing the same objective: the rehabilitation and supply of medical material and furniture. Later on a medical service to pregnant women, new born and children younger than 6 years living in that place will be implemented. The rehabilitation of this medical center is the first step of a global project of the Global Play Foundation. This project includes as well the building of the first kinder garden in the region.

Tioribougou’s dispensay (CSCOM - Centre de Santé Communautaire) is a big charity challenge in which Macsa will be actively engaged together with other relevant Spanish and international companies and organizations like the Barraquer Foundation and the Roviralta Foundation. Macsa’s contribution has helped to achieve the needed resources to help 14.120 peoples - 2.824 of under 6 years old – who are attended in this Marterniy, which is the only medical center in the region and offers medical assistance to Tioribougou, 15 villages in the surroundings and y 40 hamos (independent communities).

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