26th edition of the Pimes Awards 2013

- Jordi Piñot, CEO of Macsa ID, received the award last night from the Honorable Mr. Artur Mas, president of the Generalitat, and PIMEC president, Josep González

June 11th, 2013
- Yesterday, June 10th, Macsa ID, a Manresa based, family business specializing in laser marking, coding, and traceability, was chosen by PIMEC as the Most Competitive Business of 2013 in the category of medium-sized businesses. The presentation of the awards, which value the best business initiatives developed in Catalonia in 2012, had a distinct solidarity as the whole dinner was dedicated to the PIMEC Foundation´s program, emppersona, which helps entrepreneurs who face serious difficulty in their business or activity has been nonexistent.

Jordi Piñot, CEO of Macsa ID, received the award at the hands of the Honorable President of the Generalitat and the PIMEC president. Piñot, who thanked the judges and the awarding organization, commented that “this award encourages us to continue developing products that suit the needs of companies and respond to market demands.” Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of the R&D in the achievement of the company´s highly competitive position at the national and international level because “we focus on competitiveness based on the investment in R&D because it is the way to achieve the best positioning in the market and incorporate new technologies that position us at the forefront of the industry.”

The awards were presented to 60 candidates from 51 companies. The categories were: most competitive SMEs, with the subcategories of micro, small, and medium enterprises; most competitive industry; the PIMEC Foundation award for company values, and the linguistic quality in the business world award.

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