The customer had imported a huge lot of packets of cigarettes from abroad and had to mark a price on these (due the Polish law). Due to the fact that packets were foiled and to unpack all packets would take too much time there was only one solution - to mark a price through this foil.

An iCON suited perfectly for such an application. Small, compact, affordable, cheap - these advantages helped to make a quick decision from the customer’s side. The customer wanted to get the laser ASAP, we had one on stock, so we just brought a laser to this customer and installed it on a customer's conveyor without any delay. 

Market: Tobacco
Printing on cigarette packets through foil and on cardboard
Substrate: cardboard
Laser system: 1 iCON
Lens focal length and size of message: 35x35 lenses, 7 characters
Example of message: 12.80 zl
Dynamic application

The company Tobacco Trading International Poland has been operating in the sector of high quality tobacco products since 1994.Currently TTI Poland is one of the leading companies specializing in import and distribution of the highest quality tobacco products and their complementary products. TTI Poland successfully combines the tradition and experience of the manufacturers of cigars, snuff and tobacco it offers with the technologies of the 21st century, in which it functions.