In Spain with more than 70 years of history, L’Oréal headquarters, based in Madrid, wanted to mark its products in a new way. It found that for this special application it needed to mark on the bottom of the bottles, not only outside but also inside the bottle.

After checking different possibilities, Macsa offered a Scriptmark 25w laser system. The laser marking was considered the only alternative to fulfil the customer’s requirements. This has operated to L’Oréal’s complete satisfaction. During the last few years l’Oréal has been renewing its coding systems with F-1030 CO2 laser systems and also a D-5010 YAG laser system.

“We are really satisfied with Macsa laser systems, Macsa was the only ones who gave us the best solution to what we need. Obviously when we decided to update our old systems we go directly to Macsa’s laser systems. We rely on them”

Market: Personal Care
: Shampoo bottles
Substrate: Plastic
Laser system: D-5010, F-1030 PLUS equivalent to K-1030 PLUS

Founded in 1809, during the past century L’Oréal has pursued its adventure in the beauty industry to cement its position as the world’s leading cosmetics company. With more than 23 global brands 67,662 employees and implemented in 130 countries. Thanks to its wide variety of products, in which we can find the most important worldwide trademarks as Lancome, Vichy, Kerastase, La Roche-Posay, The Body Shop, Helena Rubinstein, etc.