Bearing in mind the needs expressed by Coty’s office Macsa decided to go for laser coding. All Coty’s concerns regarding image and style of the product were cleared up by a laser marking. The Macsa laser printed all the necessary information with a high quality and at the same time enabled Coty to change and create new labels the fastest and easiest possible way, avoiding labeling storage and promoting the quick changes in the basis of production needs.

The installation comprised 5 K-1030 Plus Macsa lasers plus software and a PC panel. Four lasers were installed to code on the crystal bottom and the fifth the lot number directly on the perfume case. All the coding processes were controlled directly from the PC, registering the product to be code with the software and selecting the product reference automatically; all this data was sent to be marked at the bottom of the bottles and also the batch number to the case.

Why choose Macsa lasers? “We were pleased with Macsa, it is a company committed to production quality and product traceability. We value so much its capacity of giving us accomplished and worthy solutions”.

Market: Personal Care
: Perfume bottles
Substrate: Crystal
Laser system: 5 x K-1030 Plus


Coty was founded in Paris in 1904 by François Coty, a visionary in the perfume industry. Today, Coty is the one of the world’s largest fragance companies in the world with offices in more than 30 countries; it is considered a global leader in the beauty industry.

With about 12,000 employees and three corporate headquarter offices (in New York, Paris and Geneva), they have a mission to offer a product of rich appearance that is affordable at a variety of price points offering products from ultra-premium luxury to entertainment/lifestyle and accessible price points.