One of its main customers (El Corte Inglés) requested the traceability of each product.  Vicente Peris needed a coding supplier which could deliver a solution.

Macsa proposed to mark directly with a laser system. Laser coders are compact and provide clean, indelible marks and codes, use no consumables, can mark alphanumeric codes and logos and can be fully integrated in a manufacturing process at really high speeds. They cost little to operate and are extremely reliable and, what is more significant, add no additives to the fruit.

Macsa installed a K1060 high speed laser coder with 100*100mm lenses to print on the melons and watermelons. Its technicians looked for a specific point where the needed focal distance did not vary so much due to the different fruit shapes. After some adjustments the laser marked at 40m / minute and allowed Macsa’s customer to track every product.


Market: Food
Application: Melons and watermelons
Substrate: Organic food
Laser systemK-1060 SHS
Lens: 100x100mm lens
Dynamic application: at 40m / minute

About Vicente Peris
Vicente Peris y CIA, is one of the most successful fruit and vegetable distribution companies in Spain and produces melons and watermelons with the brands names: “Vicentin” and “Oro de Cuiper”.