Roleski produces goods for Unilever that are exported to Finland. They had problems with CIJ overprints because after travelling from Poland to Finland through the Baltic Sea the overprint was easily removed.

We suggested switching from CIJ to Laser, which is ideal for this application. After sorting out the initial problems with the thickness of the paint they were fully satisfied with the permanent laser printing.

The lasers are installed into carousels. One application is MOTF, because in the carousel there are two tubes on one form/support. Two other applications are static, because there is only one tube on a support.

Market: Food
Printing on ketchups, mustards, mayonnaise, etc
Substrate:  painted metal tubes
Laser sold: 3x K1010 PLUS (could also be SP NET)
Lens focal length and size of message: 2x 60x60 (Start - Stop printing), 1x 100x100 (MOTF)
Dynamic application: 1x MOTF line. Printing 360 tubes per minute
Static application: 2x Start - Stop printing. 0,35 s per print
Example of message:  05/2010, L927815D02

About Roleski
They are part of Unilever group focused on deliver food products for all consumer groups at a reasonable price and with guaranteed quality. Firma Roleski was founded in 1972 as a family business. Ever since its beginnings, it has been engaged in agriculture and food industry. In 1985, the company became the first Polish entity to have broken state monopoly and obtained licence required for mayonnaise production.