Leaf Finland has the filling line for the small candy-boxes (sweets-boxes). They mark the best before date at the bottom of the carton box. The customer had already the old (app. 10 years old) laser in the line, which had many technical problems. We offered the iCON with the external touch screen and the external Emergency-Stop-button, because the customer had to turn the unit upside down ( the iCON integrated touch-screen against the floor).

After some days of trials the customer moved the iCON to another position, where he has overturned the boxes and could mark the bottom of the box in horizontal direction (and would not need anymore the external touch-screen). This is done to prevent the sweets dropping on lens of the iCON (in case there was any problem with the glue at the bottom of the box).


Market: Food
Application: Printing on sweets-boxes
Substrate: Painted carton
Dynamic application: 
225 boxes/min., app. 40m/min
Size of message: “standard” best before date + the letter code for the shift.
Examples of message: Message 1 “10 09 09 C”. Message 2 “Arabic letters” print, production month + best before, e.g.  “2009/09 2010/09”. Message 3 “special” print, production date + best before + the letter code for the shift, e.g."10092009 10092010 C".

About LEAF
LEAF is a leading confectionary company with focus on candy, gum and pastilles. LEAF has a leading position in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. In total, LEAF products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. LEAF owns some of the strongest brands on the market, e.g. Läkerol, Jenkki, Malaco, Sportlife, Saila, Red Band, Venco, Sperlari, Mynthon and Ahlgrens bilar, all of them with local heritage.

In 2010, LEAF had sales of approximately €525m and 2,400 employees in 12 countries. The company has 11 factories in 7 countries. LEAF is headquartered in Solna (Sweden) and Oosterhout (Netherlands). LEAF is owned by CVC Capital, Nordic Capital and Management.