This is an interesting application where a laser replaced an old style flexo printing application, especially used in cup filling machines for different dairy products. This application required replacing the stamping system to mark on plastic cup in a filling machine (butter-worth) with variable consumer information with a system which is clean, easy and fast to handle in the production.

After a demo the customer was changing the preprinted layout of the cover in the way to have a green background for the laser marking.

Thanks to our Cross free laser font developed by MACSA we could overcome with problems found within the installation. Printing with the standard font we got wholes in certain characters like the 8 and others. With Cross free all problems were solved.

The iCON unit is perfectly made for being integrated into packaging machines. Electronic ready – end of marking signals are missing. The result is a big improvement of the product marking, the customer is very happy for this clean (ink less), affordable and professional looking marking result.

Market: Food
Application: Printing on plastic cup 
Substrate: Poly styrene (PS)
Laser System: 1 iCON 10 Watt
Lens: 35x35 mm.
Time for printing: Marking time 0.3 sec.
Static application: Up to 4 lines of text, approx 10 characters, 30 – 40 units / min.



Swiss cheese producer that supplies cheese specialties with no artificial additives, in individual portions, hygienically packed in a wide variety of quantities and sizes. Their fresh cheese service is ideally suited to large caterings and airlines.