This is the case story of two MACSA Scriptmark-2 laser systems, sold and installed in SAINT GOBAIN CRISTALERIA co., which is placed in Avilés (Asturias), Spain.

This company is divided in two different divisions: glass for automotive sector and plain glass for the construction sector. And Macsa has there 1 laser system (in order to mark onto glass) installed in each division. Saint Gobain had one production line in the construction glass division, where they checked the glass standard requirements being produced in the following processes: date and tour, material thickness and defects observation.

These three parameters were marked with ink-jet, the original coding systems installed together with the production line and interconnected to LASOR systems from Germany (thickness detectors) and also to STIL systems from France (detectors of product defects). Saint Gobain began to be really interested in laser coding systems for their glass-for-construction-purposes product line due to the following reasons: they had too many problems with the ink-jet systems, they knew the reliability of Macsa Scriptmark-2 laser system, which was installed 4 years ago into the automation division and the quality marking and the result onto the plain glass.

Once the final product is finished (the glass piece), it goes to the production line and then it is checked by the thickness controller (detector) and later with the STIL system. Finally, the piece of glass goes underneath a bridge where our Scriptmark-2 laser 10w system is placed and then, this piece of glass is coded by dynamic marking at a speed of between 1 and 3 mts/min. This speed is controlled by the internal encoder of the laser system.

During this process, MACSA laser system stores the information transferred from LASOR and STIL systems (the detectors of thickness and defects) via PLC (digital inputs), which is going to be marked. The final result is a low power marking (in order not to damage the glass) but perfectly legible.

Sector: Construction
: Printing on glass pieces
Substrate: Glass
Laser system: Scriptmark-2 10w equivalent to K-1010 PLUS

Saint-Gobain manufactures, processes and sells glass products for many different markets: the car and transports industries, the building trade, the furnishing, the electrical goods and the electronics industries. The Flat Glass Division of Saint-Gobain is represented by factories and distribution companies in 33 countries.