The K1010 are positioned by a device to present the coding position and then coded in static mode. The K1030 codes in Dynamic because the line does not have such device and we went to a K1030 SHS to give us enough time to code.

MACSA lasers were really easy to integrate. All the lasers are networked through their Scada system and totally managed via Ethernet. We put a batch code onto the side of the Can or Tub to give them full traceability.

All the lasers are mounted inside automatic/unmanned robotic cells so it was not required guarding around the lasers as we interlocked the entry and exit into the robotic cells.

We designed and built in house the x/y laser brackets, to allow the laser operator to move the laser in/out and up/down to code from a 500 ml to a 10 ltr.


Market: DIY
 Printing on paint containers
Substrate: Metal Cans/Plastic Tubes/Paper labels.
Laser System: 7 x K1010 PLUS and 1 x K1030 PLUS SHS
Lens focal length and size of message 100 mm lens: Maximum 9 characters at 5/6mm high Galvos,
Static application: K1010 PLUS are coding in Static mode online, 600 ms for Metal and Plastic/240 ms for Paper Label.
Dynamic application: K1030 PLUS SHS is coding in Dynamic at up to 40 cans a minute. 


Dulux Paints, in Brisbane is part of Orica Worldwide. Dulux is Australia’s leading marketer and manufacturer of premium branded decorative paints, texture, protective and woodcare coatings products.