AAAAAIts worldwide reach provides logistical challenges, not least the traceability of its products in all the different markets it serves. As with many high value consumer products, grey marketing (unauthorized cross-border selling) is a key issue which it has to addressed.

For these reasons, Juvé & Camps decided that they needed a traceability code on each of the bottles which, via an internal database, could verify the country to which the bottles were assigned, as well as providing other kind of information such as batch, manufacturing date, etc.

Juvé & Camps had traditionally used ink-jet systems to code bottles for their domestic market, as well as batches destined for export. The problem they increasingly encountered, however, was that the ink was easily removed from the glass. It was for this reason that they decided to use laser coding to provide permanent traceability code.

Macsa installed two lasers (one Dynamark 30W and one Flymark 30W) to mark the bottles prior to their entry to a bailing machine, where there was also a label applicator connected to a PC. 

Juvé & Camps, a prestigious producer of wines and cavas, placed their trust in the reputation and technological capabilities of Macsa, and now have a reliable, secure system for tracking and tracing their premium products from their origin in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in Spain. Such was their confidence in Macsa’s leading edge solutions that they have extended their partnering with Macsa to further laser and labeling systems, as their worldwide presence and production demands grow.

Market: Beverage
Application: Coding on cava and wine bottle
Substrate: Glass
Laser system: Dynamark 30w and Flymark 30w equivalent to K-1030 PLUS
Dynamic application: Between 2500 and 6500 bottles per hour
Size of message: 
12 character, single line numerical code. The code contains: batch, season, bottling date, customer code, and other internal production data.

Juvé & Camps is a leading producer of cavas and wines, exporting its premium products around the world.