Fontaga, S.A. has 5 water bottling production lines. Until now, they have been using Imaje ink-jet system. They have extended the format of their product to a new bottle of 8 litres, that’s the reason why they have looked for new coders in the market.

Macsa offered Fontaga to use the laser technology for marking its products, concretely the F-1010 SP laser system. In order to convince them, we gave them a comparative table of costs for the three first years of consumption between an inkjet system and a laser system (including maintenance). In this table they could appreciate that in two turns of work per day, the cost related to the inkjet system is almost the double than the laser one.

Their production goes up to 11,000 bottles per hour: the speed of the line is 28 m/s. They mark onto PET bottles of 1,5 litres. The mark consists of two lines of 20 digits in total.

Fontaga chose our laser system MACSA F-1010 SP, because in the day we presented the offer, we made a demonstration onto the table of the meeting room with the new demo pack, so the customer could observe the facility, robustness and simplicity in the handling of our laser system. That demo was the key to convince Fontaga to trust in our laser system.

Mr Esteve Viñas y Soler, Fontaga’s General Manager, expresses his satisfaction: “Macsa’s laser technology has meant a significant and successful change to our company. Due to the fact that we do not need consumables anymore, it implies important savings. Apart from this, we have shown preference for Macsa laser systems because of their easy maintenance and their reliability”.

Market: Beverage
: Water bottles
Substrate: PET
Laser system: F-1010 SP equivalent to K-1010 SP net

About FONTAGA S.A. (Aigua de Ribes)

Fontaga, S.A. sells huge quantities of bottled mineral de water (Aigua de Ribes), which is presented in the following formats: 8 litres, 5 litres, 1.5 litres and 330 cc.