CSI used Imaje CIJ printer and consumables and service costs were very high. The CIJ  printer didn’t allow print a roundabout message inside the closure.

We proposed to print the message using Macsa laser system but after the first test we found that no laser permitted to have a contrast marking on the liner inside the closure. Then we proposed to use special additive to the plastic which is sensitive to the laser emission of 1,06 um wavelength. After the second test we managed to print it. Macsa created a special software compatible with client’s database. After 1 year from sending samples Macsa F-9050 laser system was successfully integrated into the product line.

Once invested into the Macsa laser system CSI has a perfect marking and has forgotten about consumables costs. Thanks to the large range of laser applications CSI now is able to satisfy inquiries of even hard-to-pleased customers like Coca-Cola and PEPSI.

  • Market: Beverage
  • Application: Plastic closures
  • Substrate: Plastic liner inside the closure
  • Laser System: Macsa F-9050 with Marca software, Database software developed by Macsa
  • Lens: 150x150 mm
  • Size: Ø27mm
  • Dynamic application: Marking the unique promo-code from the customer’s database on the liner inside the closure for Promo activities. 40 m/min  equivalent to 1200 pcs/min
  • Size of message: roundabout message with 16 characters, 3 mm height
  • Example of message: 936E74L46RA979PM



CSI is one of the leading suppliers of closure and capping systems to the global beverage and food industries. CSI is a major supplier to global soft drink, juice, bottled water, dairy, beer, food, liquor, pharmaceutical, personal care, Automotive Fluids and other markets. CSI integrates innovative closure technology, high-performance capping machinery and global technical support and training services. They produced over 68 billion closures worldwide in 2003.