Valeo’s factory in Spain produces headlights, and needs its products which different variable information. All the headlights should be marked with the following records: right or left, to which country they are going to be shipped and batch number.

Macsa decided to install a special laser secure cabin, the headlight moved automatically into the cabin, it was marked and moved back again to be removed by the operator. Depending on the message sent to the laser the system marked one or another code, giving also the starting and the final signal.

Valeo has been renewing its laser systems during the last 9 years and has also been installing new production lines marking different products and substrates. Despite having reviewed other suppliers it has always trusted Macsa and its laser systems. It has installed different laser product ranges including: Dynamark, Flymark and now the K-series. “We shopped around and determined that Macsa has the most advance systems on the market. We were concerned about security and customer service, we feel Macsa listens to us and of course, we will count on Macsa for new applications we have”.


Market: Automotive
: Headlights
Substrate: Plastic
Laser system: K-1000
Static application 

About Valeo
The group Valeo started in 1923 in Saint Ouen, France with the production of brake linings and clutch facings. Now the Group VALEO is present in 27 countries employing more than 50.000 people. Valeo develops and offers to the market global solutions in the areas of safety, environmental protection and comfort. They are regrouped into four Business Groups: Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems, Powertrain Systems, Thermal Systems and Visibility Systems.