Preh Portugal, Lda had used other lasers following  its head office’s policy, but recently had been looking for an alternative laser supplier who could solve all the difficulties they were currently experiencing: high maintenance costs, yag system with a short-life and, what is more significant, poor quality marking. 

Macsa offered the possibility of installing a Macsa F-9010 pulsed fiber laser. With its small head it could be easily be installed within the machine developed by Preh engineers and could also be easily integrated with its current network system. The marking quality offered by the Macsa Fiber laser on a black plastic sample (white over black) and its accuracy on positioning the small customer’s logo fulfilled Preh’s expectations.

Preh’s engineering department was very familiar with laser technology and was very demanding of what Macsa laser could offer.

“We are really pleased with this solution, the Macsa F-9010 pulsed fiber laser was very easy to integrate with our production line. Our main concern, our customer’s satisfaction, has been addressed with success; the marking samples showed to it has been accepted thanks to their high-marking quality and we can trust on our supplier to solve our requirements and day-to-day issues. For these reasons, therefore, and bearing in mind all the other advantages we’ve decided to go for Macsa products and show them to our head office in Germany”

Market: Automotive
Application: Automotive parts
Substrate: Plastic
Laser system: F-9010 Pulsed
Static application

About Preh Group
The Preh Group is an international consortium with more than eight decades of development manufacturing experience. About 2.200 employees work on innovative technologies and individual customer solutions at locations in Germany, Portugal, France, Mexico and the United States. The Preh Group concentrates on the development and manufacturing of complex driver control systems, sensor systems, electronic control units and assembly systems for basically the automotive industry.