In Spain, the Engineering and Research department of Lear Automotive (EEDS) Spain SL, needed to find a solution for codifying some of the products they produced (electrical lids, fuse lids, electronic cards, etc). These products needed to be marked permanently with variable information including: product information, serial number, traceability codes, drawings, schemes and bar codes.

Macsa proposed a system made up of a PC running with Marca software and a YAG laser marking in static mode. The YAG laser installed was a Macsa D-5005 industrial laser with 160x160 mm lenses to mark on large areas that needed a high contrast and a lot of information to be printed.

Lear is full satisfied with the solution provided by Macsa, this has been distributed to different countries, so that Macsa now operate in other production factories including: Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Germany and the current one most recently in Morocco.

“The success of Macsa is a result of its dedication to provide the best possible service, which includes understanding its customers, looking for its specific needs and the continuous improvement of its processes and product quality”.

Market: Automotive
: Automotive parts
Substrate: Plastic
Laser system: D-5005 equivalent to Nano D
Lens: 160x160 mm
Static Application

Lear was founded in 1917 in Detroit as American Metal Products, a manufacturer of tubular, welded and stamped assemblies for the automotive and aircraft industries. Today, the company provides complete seat systems, electronic products and electrical distribution systems; its products are designed, engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of 71,000 employees at 210 facilities in 36 countries. Lear's headquarters are in Southfield, Michigan.