It is a very interesting and curious static application, due to the fact that you can only see it in exclusive cars. What they need to do with our Macsa laser is to remove the painted coating part of the plastic piece, to code a day & night graphic application (as you can see in the photograph). Then, as this piece is retro-illuminated, the light passes through the mark and then you can see this graphic shinning into the darkness.

The installation of this laser was quite simple. They mounted the L-5010 into a metal structure and in a vertical position. Then they assembled and fixed a drawer to this structure, to put the pieces to be marked in. They use a PC with our Marca software to create the night & day graphic files that will be marked onto the plastic piece (which is placed into the special drawer). It is a very simple process because they produce few pieces so they do not need dynamic laser application, due to the lack of a conveyor line.

The result of the marking process is really good, and it is so impressive because of this exclusive application. The contrast is perfect thanks to the L-5010 laser system technology. The removal of the painted coating part of the plastic piece gives a spectacular appearance to the day & night application.

Market: Automotive
: Light indicators
Substrate: Plastic
Laser system: L-5010 PLUS equivalent to D-5010 system.
Lens: 100x100
Static Application

About Innotence

This automotive firm decided to acquire a Macsa Yag 10W laser for their factory in Germany. This firm produces plastic automotive spare parts, but the ones that we mark are the light indicators of the back seats heating that you can find in Audi A6 cars.