Gates needed to find a more versatile solution for printing codes because all its products should be identified according security standards and to meet its customer demands. It used pads to identify and personalize the materials; printing this way needed different pads for each product and for each customer. This option was laborious, difficult and inflexible; it entailed to handle part by part by hand because of difficult positioning when marking.

Gates decided to replace its existing coding equipment and use laser marking systems. Coding rubber with a laser system is clean, ink free and provides the customer with an indelible marking and a total traceability control. Macsa systems are easy-to-program and versatile. They are ideal for short production runs.

Macsa provided a solution and installed 6 Macsa K 1010 Plus utility lasers. The marking comprises 1 line of 25 alphanumeric characters in static mode. The machines are at the final production process and during it the laser moves automatically to the middle of the belt which turns on to itself and when the laser system receives the signal from the robot, starts to code the product. When the marking is finished the laser system moves laterally to its origin point. After investigating different text formats and material locations the final marking text exceeded all quality controls from both Gates and its customers.

Gates considers MACSA laser systems as an essential part of its production line.


Market: Automotive
: Rubber belts
Substrate: Rubber
Laser system: K-1010 PLUS

Gates Corporation, with headquarters in Denver, is one of the market leaders in the production of hi-tech rubber belts and hoses for industrial, hydraulic, agricultural and automotive applications. In Spain there are two subsidiary plants, both in Barcelona area, where it produces belts for the automotive sector. It is also considered the worldwide development centre of the corporation for ribbed belts.

It supplies directly to nearly all car manufacturers worldwide. It is focused on OEMs around the world that enables Gates to provide equivalent products to tier one and automotive after markets.