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Macsa designs, develops and delivers and markets coding and marking lasers. It is a leading global supplier and supplies customers, including multi-nationals and OEMs, in packaged goods and industrial markets through a network of value adding distributors.

Macsa has been developing laser systems since 1990 and continues to invest 8% of its revenues in research and development.

Macsa’s laser product range includes CO2, YAG and fiber lasers.

• The CO2 range includes the iCON laser coder: a cost effective alternative to continuous inkjet printers; and
• The YAG and fiber ranges include the NANO industrial lasers: attractive, all-in-one alternatives to more expensive systems.

Macsa’s products are easy to install and easy to use. Its Marca software enables users  of  its  lasers  to  develop  messages,  communicate   across users

of  its  lasers  to  develop  messages,  communicate   across   networks  and operate their lasers. They may be controlled using the iTOUCH touch screen controller. The iLASERBOX laser marking workstation provides a safe operating environment for small semi-manual YAG and fiber applications. Macsa and its distributors support their customers with best of class service processes wherever they are.


Macsa was established in 1983 to take advantage of the recent developments in coding and marking technologies and to sell, supply and service related products in Spain. Macsa is still a successful distributor of such products. In 1989 it saw the potential of laser technology and began to develop laser coding and marking equipment first for sale in Spain and then, from 1996 world-wide.

But Macsa’s history goes back much further. Its original parent company, Framun, was founded in 1910 to manufacture rubber stamps. Shortly afterwards it started to distribute machinery and consumables throughout Spain and added other products and technologies. Framun was always alert to new product and market opportunities and the need to respond to developing packaging legislation and the availability of new digital inkjet technologies led it to spin out Macsa in 1983.

Today Macsa is successful both in Spain and internationally and will record sales of about EUR25 million in 2014.



Macsa markets its lasers into two main market areas. Its coding lasers are sold to manufacturers of packaged goods: food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal and household care etc. These lasers are used to apply best before dates and other alphanumeric codes to product packaging. They are generally used on high speed production lines which can run as fast as 600m/min with up to 3000 characters being printed per second.

Macsa’s marking lasers are sold into ‘industrial’ markets, automotive, electronics, medical devices etc, where they are used to mark more extensively printing high resolution graphics and more comprehensive product and brand information.

Macsa also develops lasers for textile applications and works with specialist distributors to sell them.




Macsa has developed its own laser technology and built strong partnerships with leading component suppliers. It has several important international patents and has been responsible for many advances in its industry from the first dynamic marking laser in 1990 and the introduction of fiber lasers in 2009. Its iCON range of specialist small character laser coders sets the standard for clean, reliable, cost effective coding technologies.

Macsa invests about 8% of its revenues in research and development to ensure that it secures its position in its industry for the future.



Macsa has the broadest range of laser coding and marking equipment in its industry and is the only supplier with strong positions in both the packaged goods and ‘industrial’ markets.

Its products for packaged goods include the iCON speciality small character coding lasers, the K series CO2 lasers and the fLASER specialist film and foil coding laser. K series lasers are available in low (10 and 30w) and high (80w) power versions and with a choice of lenses and optics. IP65 and 9.3 micron options are also available.

Macsa’s industrial lasers are all high resolution and include the S series CO2 lasers, the D series DPSS or YAG lasers and the F series fiber lasers. The NANO ranges being introduced this year are an advance on the traditional D and F series and are more cost effective and easier to install.

Icon coding laser      


Macsa sells its lasers world-wide through a network of value adding distributors. Macsa builds long and successful relationships with such partners and several have been with Macsa for 10-15 years.



Macsa supports its laser products with the Marca message creation and laser control and networking software. The iLASERBOX workstation enables its customers to easily implement safe class 1 laser installations. And it services its lasers worldwide with best of class processes.